Activities & attractions in Old City Harbour area

Cruise terminal

The modern and versatile cruise terminal at Old City Harbour opens up the seaside to the locals for leisure time activities. The once inaccessible port area becomes an inviting urban space that also leaves visitors arriving from the sea with an indelible first impression. The new cruise terminal is the most contemporary in the region, designed with the environment and sustainability in mind. It is certain that the visitor’s eyes can rest even inside the terminal: the interior design uses a lot of Estonian wood and the halls are decorated with lush plants.

The building that accommodates nearly 1,400 people opens up a multitude of possibilities in addition to serving passengers: the venue is also perfect for organizing events.

Organize an event

Rooftop promenade

The 850-meter cruise promenade is open to everyone and winds over the roof of the cruise terminal on the northwestern pier connecting the seafront with the Culture Kilometer (Kultuurikilomeeter) walking trail. Expansive views like no other extend to the sea, the harbor, ships, and the city from the rooftop promenade. Seating areas, a playground, an outdoor gym, a restaurant with spacious terraces, pretty landscaping, and Estonian art create a particularly lively atmosphere in this fresh new urban space.

The promenade is open to everyone every day from 06:00 to 01:00.

Getting there & parking

Cruise promenade restaurant Ocean 11

Ocean 11 is most likely the restaurant with the best view in Tallinn. The restaurant opens its doors early in the morning, offering breakfast for guests that enjoy a simpler meal and visitors looking for luxury dishes alike. Diners revel in views of the sea and ships with the open bay to the left and the Port of Tallinn to the right. The restaurant features two large terraces, one of which is lit by the morning sun and the other by the evening sun.

The facilities can also be rented for private events. The indoor space accommodates up to 100 guests, the terraces another 100 each.

Ocean 11

Cruise area sculpture “Wave”

Author: Argo Männik
Type of work of art: sculpture
Location: Logi street 4/2, Tallinn

Author’s description:
The port is both a place to move through quickly and a place where visitors can say “we arrived”. Physics explains the nature of waves to us in much the same way – a wave is the transmission of energy in matter, although matter itself does not travel with waves. The “Wave” sculpture expresses the movement of people as waves – their encounters and departures. Meeting a metal wave is a moment that can be remembered and invited to take pictures.

Tallinn letters and recreation area

The “Tallinn” letters and the surrounding landscaping and seating area leading to the cruise promenade have been completed in Old City Harbour. Hammocks will also be installed in the recreation area when the first spring weather arrives. The seaside area has been given a nicer new look with picnic and sitting areas for the following years. The project was implemented by the city of Tallinn as part of the Green Capital Year. The temporary solution will remain in the area for the next few years until the real estate development begins. The area can be accessed both from Vööri street and from the cruise gate.


Children’s playgrounds in Old City Harbour can be found both on the cruise promenade and in the D-terminal area next to the bridge. On the cruise promenade playground you can find various swings and challenging climbing attractions, on the D-terminal playground you can have fun with trampolines and loudspeakers. Playgrounds are connected to seating and lounging areas so adults can enjoy the views in the meanwhile.

Admiral Bridge

The Admiral bridge over the entry canal of the Old City Marina connects A an D terminal areas and has became a convenient connecting link between city districts. The Admiral Bridge is definitely one of the landmarks of the Old City Harbour, looking impressive both during the day and when lit up in the dark. It is also a spectacle to observe the opening and closing of the bridge during the marina season. The bridge is mostly open for pedestrians – it will be opened for small craft operators ca 5-10 minutes after applying for permission to enter or leave the marina. After the vessel has passed the canal the bridge will be reopened for pedestrians.

Old City Marina

Tallinn’s Old City Marina is a modern marina, located in the very heart of Tallinn in the Admirality Basin. The marina serves recreational vessels and is is part of Tallinn’s Old City Harbour. Due to its favorable location, Old City Marina is highly popular, and pleasure crafts of all shapes and sizes treat the  eye of passers-by. Occasionally, the marina also hosts luxurious superyachts, which are an attraction on its own. There are also benches on the quay to enjoy the views. The marina has berthing spaces for 110 vessels. Navigational season commences on May 1 and goes on to October 31.

The Old City Marina also has modern yacht club facilities with all comforts and necessary amenities.

Old City Marina

Kai Cafe

The KAI Café is located in the same building as the yacht club and the Harbor Market. The entrance to the cafe is located on the city side of the building, and the cafe offers beautiful views of the Old City Marina in the Admiralty Basin. When the weather is nice, you can also sit outside and enjoy the flavors, views and the sunshine in the fresh air right on the quay next to the yachts.
You can start the morning with a hearty breakfast, for lunch the café has daily special offers and you can enjoy a delicious a la carte menu all day long. For sweet lovers, the KAI Cafe offers cakes that melt in your mouth, as well as, of course, high-quality coffee and other drinks of your choice.

Kai Cafe

Harbour Market

The Harbour Market is a unique food and craft shop located on the A-Terminal side of Old City Marina. The Harbour Market offers authentic food from both large Estonian producers and small farmers. You can find a decent selection of farm products, smoked ham, cheeses from small Estonian producers, a wide selection of dairy products and a fish counter. Harbour Market is also known for its good selection of meat, and their hit product is locally made bread with different additions. You can also find a very good and unique selection of gifts and souvenirs at the Harbour Market.

In addition to food and crafts, the Super Alko store located in the same building offers a wide selection of alcoholic drinks from around the world.

Harbour Market

Song Festival superphoto

There is a highly detailed superphoto of the famous Estonian Song Celebration displayed next to the entrance of the Old City Marina. The photo was taken in 2009 at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds using a special technology. The achieved 1.79 gigapixel resolution and 216-degree field of view ensure that almost all the people in the picture are recognizable down to ther fascial expressions! Everyone can try and look for themselves or someone they know was there. Approximately 10% of all Estonians are present in this picture! Have fun counting!

You can also read some additional information about the legendary Estonian Song Festival tradition.

D-terminal town square

The area in front of the Terminal D has turned into a truly modern urban space. The town square is braided with various recreation areas with plenty of seating options, the square has an outdoor stage and two excitingly designed water attractions to mark the locations of the historic Tõrva kitchen and the Girard canal. There are canopies on the square to protect from the rain, and to create coziness, a large amount of green areas with diverse greenery have been built and more than 100 trees and 3,500 bushes have been planted. Eye-catching lighting solutions take effect in the dark. There is a nautical themed leisure area for children and seating areas near the Admiralty Bridge. The square welcomes both locals and tourists with their families to spend time by the sea, and also event organizers to use the area to offer events for locals.


Exhibition spaces

In Old City Harbour you can find outdoor exhibition stands in two locations – at the D-terminal area near the bridge and by the Admiralty Basin on the Hestia Hotel side. The exhibitions change every year and the displays always offer something entertaining or educational.

Kai Kohvik

Kochi quarter

The warehouse complex on Lootsi Street is a remainder of the good times of Tallinn trading port – the second half of the 19thcentury. The warehouses that were built between the 1870s and I World War are known as Girard and Koch Storehouses, named after their original owners, Baron Girard de Soucanton and large merchant Koch. The old buildings, retaining the history of the previous century, have been renovated to a modern tavern-brewery and shopping and service complex.