Northern part detailed plan

Multifunctional use

What we plan:

  • an area in active use, where buildings of various uses are located: both commercial buildings, commercial buildings with living quarters and buildings with a public functions (e.g. museums, art galleries, concert halls)
  • operation of the port in a compact area in the urban space
  • a new level of mobility service:
    better access by public transport (tram, bus) and new public transport stops
  • access to the port area, including the cruise terminal, suitable for the urban space

Carefully designed public space

What we plan:

  • cozy squares between buildings and a park area with water features
  • a safe street space that is friendly to pedestrians and cyclists, where the use of public vehicles is encouraged and it is convenient to move even without a car
  • short-term roadside stops for couriers, service vehicles and visitors to conveniently stop


More detailed information about the detailed plan can be found in the Tallinn City Planning Register: DP043560.