Terminal A & Cruise Terminal area detailed plan

Urban environment supporting versatile modes of movement

What we plan:

  • the new A-terminal building complex and its front square
  • new public transport stops (tram, bus) and bicycle parking
  • parking of cars (including taxis) mostly on the underground floor or in a parking garage
  • a street that is compact, serves the operation of the port and is suitable for the urban space

Urban space open to the sea

What we plan:

  • to open the partially closed port territory, where the functions necessary to serve the passenger terminals will be smoothly connected to public use
  • a promenade for pedestrians and active transportation connecting Reidi Road with the cruise terminal rooftop promenade and the North West part of the port
  • new multifunctional pier


More detailed information about the detailed plan can be found in the Tallinn City Planning Register: DP043650.