Climate Friendly & Green

The goal of Old City Harbour´s real estate development is to develop the former port area into a climate-friendly city quarter with rich landscaping to support the natural diversity in the surrounding. Increasing coherence with existing landscape areas plays a very important role in supporting the biodiversity.

New linear park passing through Old City Harbour

The new linear park through Old City Harbour area will connect Park Kadriorg and the green area surrounding the Old Town. New linear park and pedestrian promenade will be designed between the new buildings next to the already existing Reidi Road promenade. One section of the promenade has been already completed next to the surrounding of terminal D. The linear park will be continued on the other side of the Admirality canal in front of the terminal A leading to the cruise terminal and will have a seamless connection with the new seaside promenade. We will decrease the area of the existing large asphalt surfaces and will work together with experts to keep the temperature rise of the ground minimal to prevent heat islands occurring.  Adding landscaping will also help to soak rainwater into the ground on site.

Use of renewable energy

We will use seawater for central heating and cooling in our new projects. We have been using renewable energy resources already in our newly completed development projects – cruise terminal and terminal D. We will continue to use innovative and climate-friendly solutions.

FIN-EST Green Corridor

Port of Tallinn and Port of Helsinki together with cities and shipping companies started a new co-operation project in 2023 to create a green corridor between Estonia and Finland. The goal is to accelerate the transition to a climate neutral and sustainable customer journey for passengers on the sea routes and in the cities of Helsinki- Tallinn.

Port of Tallinn has already been taking steps towards reduction of CO2 emissions, air pollution, noise and vibration caused by the vessels moored in the port. Starting from 2021 the ferries travelling between Tallinn-Helsinki use onshore power, when moored longer than 2 hours at the Old City Harbour. Also, automooring equipment is used to shorten the mooring time, reduce CO2 emissions and noise.

Moving Smart

One of the strategic goals in Tallinn´s 2035 Development Strategy is „Healthy mobility “- the living environment in Tallinn supports peoples´ good health. Exercising and spending time outdoors is pleasant irrespective of the weather. Most people use fast and accessible public transport, walking or cycling to get around in Tallinn. Backbone of the mobility services in Old City Harbour area will be fast tram connections, supported by buses, cycling and car sharing.


New tram connection and stop in front of Terminal A

New tram line construction will be completed in the beginning of 2025 to connect Old City Harbour by tram with the airport, central bus station and railway station. Next to Terminal D are good bus connections, but the street network on Terminal A side is very narrow. Therefor the location of the new tram stop is planned next to Terminal A to ensure convenient public transport connection for the passengers and for the local people from the surrounding area real estate development.

New sidewalks and bicycle lanes

We hold very important that people feel safe on new walkways and cycle lanes, therefor cyclists and pedestrian will have separately marked lanes. One short section was completed in 2022 in the surrounding area of terminal D, which waits to be continued after the detail plans will be approved.

Fewer parking spaces and use of car-sharing services

A very important goal to achieve climate neutrality in Tallinn is to decrease the use of private cars. People have the possibility to give up their privately owned car, when:

  • everything needed for everyday life is in a close range
  • walkways network is safe and convenient
  • cycle lanes network is safe and convenient
  • public transport is fast and pleasant
  • for longer rides it will be easy to rent a suitable car through app located on the parking floor below the apartment building or office building.

When planning a car sharing possibility for buildings the goal is to ensure enough electric chargers to prefer electrical cars. To ensure a new quality for the future we are planning the necessary infrastructure to Old City Harbour area. We design the connections to the surrounding cityscape in a way that offices, shops, kindergarten, school, leisure, and all other activities are within a short walking or cycling distance.

Welcoming & Culture Friendly

Old City Harbour is the biggest tourist gateway of Estonia. 10,6 million passengers were travelling through Old City Harbour during peak time. In 2023 was the number of passengers over 8 million people. As a result of the real estate development, Old City Harbour will become a place designed for people – friendly atmosphere and welcoming culture. We hope you will feel inspired. Cultural events and a new cultural destination in Tallinn will be an important part of the real estate development.

Designed for people

The era of large asphalt fields and parking lots will be over soon. The development of technology has enabled us to concentrate the port activities on compact land area next to the quays.

New buildings, walkways and cycle lanes will be constructed to the surrounding area of the port after the detail plans will be brought into effect by the municipality. Urban space will become friendly and cozy. There will be small service premises, cafes and businesses opened on the first floor of the constructed buildings. Friendly customer service and carefully designed public space between the buildings will make the journey enjoyable.

Culture by the Sea

It is already possible to organize events for up to 1,400 people in the cruise terminal. Both the flag square in front of the cruise terminal and the new outdoor stage next to Terminal D are intended for organizing summer events. These are the first steps to make Old City Harbour a culture friendly location.

We would like to bring art galleries, museums or new cultural objects to the port area, so that Tallinn would be even more attractive to our guests as well as local people. We design cozy squares between buildings and an attractive town square with a view on Old City Marina.

Tallinn Sea Days have been held in Old City Harbour for many years now, and we will continue on with this tradition.