New tram line

The new tram line will be connecting Tallinn’s major transportation hubs from the airport to the harbor and from the harbor to North Tallinn. The tram will stop in front Terminal A in Old City Harbour.


  • Construction started in March 2023
  • The Kai street section up to Kuunari St. will be ready by the end of June 2024.
  • Kuunari street will be open for pedestrians by 04.10.2024
  • The new tram will start running at the end of 2024

Old City Harbour tram line

In Tallinn, the construction of the Vanasadama tramway continues, which will help to connect the port area with the city even better than before. Both the locals and  approx. 8 million passengers passing through the port every year will benefit from the new convenient connection. In the future, it will be possible to ride directly from the port to the airport or Balti Jaam without transfering. The line will be served by tram no. 2 on the route Airport-Vanasadam-Kopli.


As a result of the works, a new tramway section of approximately 2.5 km will be completed, starting from the intersection of Kivisilla and Gonsiori streets, passing through the port area, and extending up to Põhja puiestee. The aim of the works is to make travel with different public transport modes more convenient, ensuring that Tallinn’s major transportation hubs are interconnected and transfer is as easy as possible.

The future route will take a left turn from Kivisilla street to Gonsiori street. The route continues through Laikmaa, Hobujaama and Ahtri streets to the harbor area. Via Laeva, Kuunari and Kai streets, you pass in front of the A-terminal of the port, and via Logi and Rumbi streets you pass under Linnahall. Upon reaching the Kultuurikatel, the tramway joins the Kopli tramway running from Mere and Põhja boulevard.

The construction of a new tram line involves a large amount of reconstruction work.

Route of the new tram line:

Tramway construction stages: